At the request of one of my faithful blog followers, I have written this commentary on GEARBOX PICKLEBALL PADDLES.

Gearbox Paddles come in 11 models. Eight (8) models are branded as either GS6 Control and GS6 Power, and GS5 Control and GS5 Power.

The 8 PRO Models are block shaped. There are 2 tear drop shaped paddles and one elongated model.Most all list for around $140, except the Tear Drops & Long Faced Paddles are cheaper.

I have not yet played with or tested this brand of paddle. My commentary is based on the Brand Advertisement of the Features and Specifications.

The first thing I noticed was there was no mention of where these paddles are made. However the listing states, “USAPA Approved.”

The next thing was, most all of the feature and spec advertisement were similarly worded. This makes it hard for the consumer to distinguish the differences between the features and specs for each paddle.

I referenced this commentary on the GearBox Company Pickleball Paddle Website advertisement.

The key feature as advertised on these paddles are their “Solid Span Technology (SST).”

This is somewhat new compared to traditional Pickleball Paddle construction of composite paddles, that uses the hollow honeycomb cellular core design of either Nomex, Aluminum or Polymer.

GearBox Paddles has developed a solid carbon fiber chamber core with no delamination, no honeycomb design and no soft sports.

GearBox Paddles feature a single piece molded construction. The surface material is advertised as carbon fiber edgeless frame. Hyper Bite Spin Technology is advertised as offering more “Ball Bite for Max Spin on Demand.”

The GearBox GS6 Paddle OAL is 16~5/8.” The GS5 Paddle OAL is 15~7/8.” An optional feature is handle circumference offered in 3 5/8” or 3 15/16” grip. The handle length is 5~5/8” on most models. Paddle weight varies between modes at 7.8oz to 8.5oz.

The customer reviews on these paddles were 5 stars. But the number of customers reviews were relatively low ranging from 14 down to 2.

If you are into graphics these paddles won’t disappoint. A variety of color options with a large company logo adorn the surface of these paddles.

Without physically testing or playing with the GearBox Paddles, I cannot make an honest assessment on their playability, ball control, power and spin performance. However, the “Solid Span Technology” does intrigue me to the point where I want to put one to work on the court.

If you have the bucks, the GS6 Power or the GS Control, are worth a try. I would definitely try to demo or borrow one to play before I pay the price.

Published by bhdpal

Coach Joe has earned the prestigious IPTPA Level II Pickleball Teaching Professionals Certification, and the IPTPA Certified Skill Rating Specialist CRS-4. Coach Joe is also an appointed USAPA Pickleball Ambassador for Baltimore Co, MD.

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